The Magic Calculator

This is a private opinion of the possible value of the 88e Share Price at the point of buy out. It is not available for wiki editing but comments, additions and corrections are gratefully received. It shall not be used as financial advice and all the usual financial health warnings apply.

Readers should note that I am invested in 88 Energy and that these estimations are based on the success case for 88e.

I have tried to make a reasonable balanced assessment of the potential value of 88e assets but inevitably a number of estimates have to be made for some unknown variables.

The Magic Calculator 25th Jan 2017

The Magic Calculator Spreadsheet

11/01/17 If you click on the above link to the spreadsheet and then select File then Download from the menu, you can download a Microsoft Excel version of the spreadsheet. On your version, you can change the input variables as you see fit.

17/01/17 How about an online Magic Calculator based on a spreadsheet? Can wikidot code snippets be used to easily enter variables and see our share price calculation. Can we get the code from as a basis for this?

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