Dave Wall
Dave Wall
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Managing Director
at 88 Energy Ltd

As a leading oil and gas equity analyst for the past six and a half years, Mr Wall brings extensive experience with junior oil and gas exploration companies. His skillset spans asset evaluation across many fiscal regimes / play types as well as corporate advisory / M&A and equity capital markets, having led >$300m in capital raisings.

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Mr. David James Wall, also known as Dave, has been a Managing Director of 88 Energy Limited (formerly Tangiers Petroleum Limited) since April 15, 2014. Prior to this, from October 2012 to April 2014, Mr. Wall served as the Director of Energy Research at Argonaut Securities Pty Limited, Research Division. He headed the energy research team at the firm. Before that, he was a Senior Equity Analyst at Hartleys Research, catering to the energy sector. Mr. Wall also spent a number of years at Woodside as their Lead Analyst in their budgeting and strategic planning division. He has specialist knowledge of Africa focused junior explorers and understanding of the capital markets. Mr. Wall publishes institutionally rated research on a range of companies. Mr. Wall is rated as the number one oil and gas analyst in greater than 50% of the stocks he covers by Bloomberg. He has been a Director of 88 Energy Limited since April 14, 2014. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia, majority in Management and Finance.

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