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Resource Extraction 10 Year Projection - Recommended Reading

Latest News 07/12/2017

News 25/10/2017
• Gross acreage position expanded from ~350,000 to ~460,000 acres
o Net acreage position increased from ~260,000 to ~286,000 acres

** News 16/08/17**

• Gross acreage position increased by 76,996 acres (48,864 net to 88E)
o Total gross acres now 348,116 (259,114 net to 88E)
o Additional ~256,000 gross acres subject to award, expected later this year

Alaska Weather Cams

Our location (lease 390302 Icwine#1 & 2) for use on Google Earth or Google Maps : 69°43'01.9"N 148°42'22.8"W Mile Post 377 Franklin Bluffs


Map of Accumulate Energy Alaska's North Slope Leases Nov, 2016.

Map of North Slope Leases acquire by AEA & Bex December, 2016

Gravel Pad Franklin Bluffs


Close Neighbours

Courtesy of poorhatsoap on HotCopper

"Adding that Great Bear/Otto conventional was a nightmare, so it's going to have to do. Interestingly, it looks like they've intentionally cut the bottom part of their images off where it would otherwise cross over the checkerboard portion of our adjoining acreage, and where it looks like it would join up with our Alpha lead. Hope this is of value for some of you."


Historic Wells On Our Acreage

Courtesy of poorhatsoap on HotCopper

"On my source map, I've overlaid every well in the North Slope since 1980, but for this post have only shown the area of interest."


PTD is the Permit to Drill number - handy for further research.


Historic (2011) Dog Activity Map

Tarn Reservoir

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