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Project Icewine Conventional: farm-out process continues to progress with preferred bidder

Third party due diligence process now largely complete

Final decision on approval scheduled for June

Project Icewine Unconventional: advanced FIB-SEM* and HAWK** analysis significantly advances understanding of HRZ shale play

Majority of acreage remains within revised prospectivity fairway

Additional application of FIB-SEM underway to validate fairway revision

Franklin Bluffs (Icewine#2 location) considered to be marginally outside revised fairway

Formal farm-out process deferred to 2H 2019 - soft farm-out underway with continued third party interest

Yukon Leases: discussions underway with nearby resource owners to optimise monetisation strategy

Western Blocks: aggregation of additional data ongoing, with tender for reprocessing work to occur 3Q 2019

Focused ion beam scanning electron microscope, **hydrocarbon analyser with kinetics

Q1, 2019 report

AGM Presentation

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