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3D commenced on Icewine

Option Underwriting Agreement


Bravo Charlie Permit Approval


05/02/2018 88 Energy's David Wall presents to investors at the Oil Capital Conference


** Oil Capital Conference 1st Feb (Audio)
1st Feb Audio (sorry not best quality)


Investor Presentation

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"Oil Tax Credit Payment Proposal:
Following the Legislature’s passage of HB111, ending the flawed cash credit program, Governor Walker asked the Department of Revenue to further explore options for expediting payment of outstanding oil and gas exploration tax credits.
As part of the Alaska Economic Recovery Plan, we propose to pay off the remainder of our outstanding future-obligations to independent oil and gas exploration companies at a modest discount rate in fiscal year 2019. To fund payment of these outstanding credits, the state will issue bonds. The credit holders will be paid at a discount that covers the cost of borrowing. By paying these obligations, at no additional expense to the state or burden on the treasury, we’ll put this chapter behind us and help give small operators confidence to in Alaska. (For more information, see: OMB FY2019 Budget: Tax Credit"

12/01/18 3D Permit Approval

88E IN LONDON February, 2018

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