Icewine: Permit Map 1H/2017

The images below show the Permit Areas current at the time of the Icewine 2V project (1H/2017), and their proximity to the Alpha Conventional Oil field over 90% of which is within the tenements held by 88Energy.

Image1: Shows the permit area on which Icewine2 spud will take place and the four Permits covering the Bottom Hole Locations over the Alpha field. As alpha is not a classic pyramid shape, there may be multiple BHL's, but the "Cross Hair Target" is simply the midpoint of the 4 permits as the precise locations are yet to be determined (i.e. illustrative only !)

Image 2: Is a satellite view of Franklin Bluffs covering the same area as Image 1 above.
Again the "Cross Hair Target" indicates the mid-point of the four BHL permits and is purely there to provide some scale.
The marker "AC" (Alpha Camp) is again speculative, being 1/2km NE of Icewine 2.
Why is it there? well, if DoG will not allow a production well on the current pad, the point marked "AC" could be an alternative site, and about as close as we can get (depending on the terrain) to those cross hairs, and still adjacent to the Dalton Highway.

These images are not official releases, though they do take inspiration from them - enjoy.

Image 3: Extract from 88Energy presentation

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