Eagle Ford/Bakken

Eagle Ford is a large Texas oil field where Paul Basinski (then at Conoco Philips) proved a novel production method.

AVThe Golden Age of Shale (Re)Discovery: The Art of Innovative Prospecting and Early Eagle Ford Musings*



So - how was Icewine identified?

"Well, we used the same technique that we used in the Eagle Ford in 2005 - and it’s kind of ironic because the workflow we’ve come up with now that we have all of the data is basically a page out of that same book.

The first well we drilled was called the Kundi-1. It looks almost exactly the same as the Eagle Ford - all of the characteristics - other than our reservoir’s quite much better. And we ended up doing a completion and that was for deeper objective and it ended up being the discovery at Eagle Ford. And we’ve taken kind of a page out of that - it’s a “best practises”. And so we’ll have plenty of time to be able to explain what that’s all about - but effectively the way we do this is… that I’m a big fan of studying history. And about the science of innovation and thought. Because - you know - you don’t find billion barrel fields all the time!"
LSE Post 20/01/17 in respect of the comparatives to Icewine#2V SP-Oiler
"I don't know more about it than saying that if you have the right combination of those factors and you are successful with your well then you have opened up a big new play. I think this is why DW mentioned it, this well was one of a few wells that opened up the Eagle Ford and triggered the scramble for acreage.
From what they have told us it seems they are confident that, with what they found in Icewine 1, the significance of a successful Icewine 2 could be huge if it flows - with all the usual caveats about Alaska costs and oil price environment.

I don't think that we are being invited to make a comparison of geology, flow rates etc. Just that we are looking at moving to the same point in a story as Kunde 1 was in the Eagle Ford story. All IMO of course."

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