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Lease Acreage Limitations
Alaska Statute AS38-05-140c
"A person may not take or hold at any one time oil or gas leases exceeding in the aggregate 500,000 acres granted on tide and submerged land, including leases held both as lessee and under option or operating agreement from others. A person may not take or hold at any one time oil or gas leases exceeding in the aggregate 750,000 acres on all land other than tide and submerged land, of which not more than 500,000 acres may be located north of the Umiat baseline, including leases held both as lessee and under option or operating agreement from others. Where more than a single person holds an interest in an oil or gas lease, each person shall be charged only with that percentage of the total acreage that corresponds to its percentage share of the total beneficial interest in the lease."
AS 38.05.180
(q) A plan authorized by (p) of this section, which includes land owned by the state, may contain a provision vesting the commissioner, or a person, committee, or state agency, with authority to modify from time to time the rate of prospecting and development and the quantity and rate of production under the plan. All leases operated under a plan approved or prescribed by the commissioner are excepted in determining holdings or control under AS 38.05.140. The provisions of this section concerning cooperative or unit plans are in addition to and do not affect AS 31.05.

(r) Producing acreage on a known geologic structure of a producing oil or gas field is excluded from chargeability as against the acreage limitation provisions of AS 38.05.140.

**DOG LAS (Lease Administration) enables view of lease details, option to search any lease and pinpoint on map, see working interests etc. Search on lease 392301 (Icewine drill lease).

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Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Drilling permit status

Permit to Drill Process


In order to drill a well for oil, gas, or geothermal resources in Alaska, a person must obtain a Permit to Drill from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC). This requirement applies not only to exploratory, stratigraphic test, and development wells, but also to injection and other service wells related to oil, gas, and geothermal activities. Since the AOGCC is one of several state agencies that may have a role in reviewing and approving oil and gas activities, there is sometimes confusion about the AOGCC's precise function. We hope the following explanation helps to clear up any confusion.

First, the AOGCC is not in the business of managing or deciding whether to develop state owned resources. Rather, the AOGCC regulates certain oil and gas operations anywhere in Alaska, whether on state owned, FEDERALLY owned, or privately owned land.

Permit to Drill Timing

The length of the approval process for a Permit to Drill application varies depending on the type of well, complexity of well design, location and ownership issues. Every application submitted to the AOGCC passes through the detailed review process described above. Exploratory wells, stratigraphic test wells, and wells implementing technology that is new to the State of Alaska may receive more intensive review than routine development wells in an already-producing reservoir. Wells to explore for or produce nonconventional gas (coalbed methane, gas hydrates, or gas contained in shales) are subject to special requirements under AS 31.05.030(j), which may also require more time for permit review.
Based on past performance records, the AOGCC's average time to permit routing oil and gas production and injection wells is about 5 working days after a complete and correct Permit to Drill application is received. Exploratory, stratigraphic test, and geothermal wells generally require 15 working days if there are no associated well spacing or correlative rights concerns

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