Comparable Company Sales

1. Cove Energy is often quoted as a company with a similar plan for monetising its assets

"The value created for Cove's shareholders over that three-year period was in excess of £1 billion, making it one of the most successful oil & gas exploration stories of the last 20 years."


The Cove Energy website disappeared in late 2012 however the "Way Back Machine" captured much of it during Cove's ascendancy :

2. A second example quoted by 88e has been Kodiak Oil and Gas

See page 17 of the 88e June 2016 presentation

3. A third example has been suggested by Michael Evans 88e Non-Executive Chairman: Hardman Resources (HDR).
"This tiny oil explorer went from a market capitalisation of $10 million dollars around the turn of the century to $1.5 billion dollars in 2006 with accompanying share price appreciation from 4 cents to $2.36. Interestingly, the oil price at the time of its maiden offshore discovery was a mere US$28.80 per barrel."

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